provided free VR (Virtual Reality) contents (Originally based on Apple QuickTime Virtual Reality Technology). You can view over hundreds of interactive panorama images of Thailand. The panorama contents display 360 degree by 180 degree field of view, its intergraded Google sattelite map and navigation system to the destination. User can also embeded VR (Virtual Reality) contents into their own website and Webboard. There are also supported to popular social media website such as Facebook, Twitter and etc.


Q: What is

A: is a FREE Thai's Panoramic Virtuality Reality services website.

Q: Who going to use this website?

A: Anybody who interested to see more pictures of Thailand beyound conventional photos. It's offered 360 by 180 degree of view angle control by each viewer, which can independently zoom in-out, exploring the environment just like you virtualy there!

Q: Who else can use this website?

A: Tourist agency, website, hotels, MICE industry, and who ever need new kind of media for their website to display Thailand in other dimension.

Q: How can I get the Panoramic Virtuality Reality content into my website, webboard or facebook?

A: It's easy, you just find the Pano you like, then click "Embed in my web" and then "copy" or "paste" the code into your page design layout or webboard. For any social media website there are the button to support of favorite one like Facebook, Twiter and so on.

Q: Is it really free to use in commercial site?

A: Absolutely 100% free severvices you can links or embed our Pano into your site by using our supplied code.

Q: Wow, this sound too good to be ture...what a catch?

A: Nothing behind, we love Thailand and we like to support our tourist industry. So the site are funded by people who love this beautiful country and people. So our site welcome any supporter.

Q: What SawasdeeVR mean?

A: Sawasdee is Thai's greeting. We said Sawasdee when we meet. And VR stand for Virtual Reality whic our site using technology originally introduced by Apple Inc. as part of it multimedia system extendsion call QuickTime Virtual Reality or QTVR, then later evoled into Flash technology.


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